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What Are Our Customers Saying ?

My childhood sports card collection was just gathering dust in the garage. I was no longer actively collecting and my kids weren't really interested in the hobby. Blaze gave me a very fair offer on the spot. Plus, I'm glad that the cards I accumulated in my childhood will end up going to avid collectors who also share my enjoyment of collecting.

Jeff, Allen, TX

I setup at local card shows and I also buy cards from people on Craigslist and Facebook. Blaze has been a great place for me to "flip deals" without tying my money up for long periods of time, and it sure beats having to sell the cards one-at-a-time.

Darren, Oklahoma City, OK

I used to own a card shop before shifting over to Ebay. I still reach out to the team at Blaze whenever I need to sell items off in bulk and I have also been very pleased with my prior results on items that I have consigned in the past. Even if you are a dealer, it might make sense to give them a ring.

Tim, Former Card Shop Owner and online reseller

I was referred to Blaze Auctions by a family friend a few months after my husband died. I knew that his collectibles had some value, but I didn't know much about the items he had and I certainly didn't know what they were worth. Blaze helped educate me on what the collectibles were, which ones were desirable, and they helped me maximize the value via consignment. Best of all, the process was simple and stress free.

Myrna, Atlantic City, NJ